Dear friends 22.04.2019 a BIG update is planned for both server files and hosting.
Our team is working to ensure that everything is pleasant and comfortable. This update will finally fix all the bugs of the game and the new character.
We are sorry for the inconvenience hope your understanding. The server will be offlain from 12:00 AM server time to 13:00.

Important: Moss Event activated on Loren Market

- VIP status increase not only Experience but and Chaos Machine Bronze (85%), Silver (90%), Gold (100%) - for ALL items, but not for Wings
- Changed max master level to 700
- Grand Reset system (required 150 Resets)
- Added more interesting drop reward from Blood Castle
- Added more interesting drop in Devil Square from monster
- Complete Rune Wizard Class support
- added OffTrade Items in Devias by WCoins
- updated X-Shop
- Kubera Mine support all bug fix
- New Archangel & Blessed AA weapons
- New Mastery Sets
- New Jewel Division System
- Enhanced Skill Tree
- all bug reported via ticket

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