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Coming soon November!

Season 15

New Character Slayer & more New improvements

Our community

Problems, doubts or any other question Via Discord.

Dear friends, we are already working intensively at the opening of the open Season 15.
Please be patient and wait news

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New Map Support (Abyss Atlans)
New Map Monsters
2nd level Earrings support
2nd level Earrings mixes
2nd level Earrings new options
Summoner Renewal - Berserker Buff
Summoner Renewal - Darkness Buff
Summoner Renewal - Death Scythe Skill

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New Wave 03.10.2019 on 18:00 Server time
START Rate x100 Season 14 Episode 2
bonus Lucky Set 15+L+ancient, 250 Free status points, 3 day VIP Bronze
Points per level 5-7
Points per Reset 500
Points per Grand Reset 5000 (+2500 WCoins)

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Planned update 19.08.2019 on 11:00
1. fixed some skills for character, make stable
2. minor fixes and adjustment drop
3. Fixed number of achieved experience while having Rune Wizard in party
4. Fixed inability to edit harmony options values for w

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